Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Double Floral #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

18 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
OMG, this squeezing my fat arm against the wall pose is so slimming! I am so doing this pose again and again!

Today I'm wearing double floral.
I am running out of shirts that I can wear in winter with front opening (a necessity for a new mama), so I really have to shuffle the only few that I have.
18 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE

Double floral, herringbone, solid, bow, gold details, knits, tweed, cotton, leather...I got them all!
18 Jan 2011 - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
Top and jacket = thrifted
Skirt and shoes = cotton on
Belt and scarf = random no brand
Tights = uniqlo
Bag = still Marc by Marc Jacobs (I am so lazy to transfer my junk to another bag!)

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