Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Dress & Men Cardigan - #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

27 Jan 2011 - Jacketed - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE
Today’s outfit ;)
Another very bad hair day, I had to secure my fringe with a pin… 

I fancied wearing a vintage dress today despite the cold, so I put on SC’s men’s cardigan under the jacket to keep myself warm.
27 Jan 2011 - Jacketless  - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE

The textures and patterns...
27 Jan 2011 - Textures & Patterns  - 365FASHIONSHUFFLE

Print of the vintage dress...very spring and summery...
Vintage Dress Pattern

Warm and cozy, yet sophisticated tweed jacket.
Tweed Jacket Texture

The pattern of the men's cardigan and I love how it's bordered, it gives it a vintage feel...
Cardigan Pattern

The dotted socks and furry suede shoes.
Dotted Socks and Brown Furry Shoes
Yawn. Is it Friday already?
Sadly, no.
Dress = thrifted
Jacket = Uniqlo
Cardigan = Men’s Cotton On
Socks = Muji
Shoes = Wanko
Scarf = no brand
Bag = H&M

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kristine said...

You are an absolute doll. You know I love a good texture/pattern mix! And you are a master at it!

Kristine. Or Polly.