Tuesday, February 1, 2011

His & Hers - Polka Dotted Red Cardigan #365FASHIONSHUFFLE

Me & My Cardigan
The scratching-itchy-chin pose.

SC in My Cardigan
The pretending to be browsing books pose.

Me & My Cardigan
The deer-in-headlights pose.

SC in My Cardigan
The oh-he-is-really-reading pose

Me & My Cardigan
The hide-my-double-no-make-that-triple-chin pose.

SC in Reds
The ah-this-was-the-only-shot-taken-with-a-proper-camera pose.

On me:
Dress = thrifted
Cardi = no brand
Socks = bossini
Shoes = marks & spencer's

On SC:
Shirt = uniqlo
Cardi = mine, no brand
Pants = mine, maple
Hat = H&M
Bag = Bauhaus (he only has one bag...)
Shoes = those Australia non-shoes thingy...

1 comment:

Christine Wu said...

Don't know why... the polka dot and the hat makes me think of Lao Fu Zi/Master Q. What happens to that dude?