Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Marcus in Reds & Browns

Baby Marcus in GAP & H&M Outfit
Kids grow up so fast, babies in particular. If I didn't post baby Marcus' pictures fast enough, they'd get outdated every minute. So, here are some pics of baby Marcus from a while back...I didn't realize it, but he already looks different now. Heheheh

Baby Marcus in GAP & H&M Outfit
This time, Marcus is in some red and brown combo. Something I rarely do, but it turned out ok for him.

Baby Marcus in GAP & H&M Outfit
I always love these pants and the little suspender. Although it makes diaper changing rather annoying (which is why sometimes I removed the suspender after diaper changing for a few times), but it looks cute as heck! I wish H&M make these in my size...

Here's a pic of baby Marcus scratching away the screen of my Amazon kindle...
Baby & Kindle

Shirt & pants = H&M
Corduroy top = GAP
I couldn't remember which shoes he wore...probably no brand.

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