Friday, February 11, 2011

What's in My Make Up Bag?

My make up bag.
It's this cute Naraya vanity given by a colleague from Bangkok.
Make Up Bag

It can surprisingly house loads of my junk :D
Make Up Bag
What's in it?

My face colors:
Make Up - Face
Clockwise from left top: VoV face color, Fasio liquid foundation, Sasa matte two way cake, no brand concealer (no good, dunno why I still keep it), Shu Uemura stick blush, Majolica Majorca compact powder (no good), Cyber color blush.

My eye make up:
Make Up - Eyes
From top left: two Japanese brand gel eyeliner (brown and black), no brand lash curler, eye talk double eyelid glue/fake lashes glue, Lavshuca sparkly gold shadow, Bobby Brown gel liner (charcoal), courreges shimmery pink shadow, Shu Uemura liquid shadow (shimmery gray brown) and sparkly highligher (light blue), VoV sparkly eye color (dark green, light yellow and white), no brand shadow (purple and pink), Revlon brown shadow palette, Don glue, Shu Uemura palette (light blue), and Laneige eye palette (I use their dark and light gray a lot)

My lip colors:
Make Up - Lips
From top left: L'oreal lipstick (something neutral), Japanese brand lip gloss (neutral), no brand lip gloss (sheer red with sparkles), Shu Uemura lip gloss, Revlon lipstick (vintage red), Max factor lipstick (very red), and another Revlon lipstick (neutral)

My eyeliners, brushes and tools:
Eyeliners & Brushes
Various eyeliner pencils, mascara (Kiss Me - Japanese brand), Bobby Brown make up brushes, very fine comb, nail clipper, super sharp scissors, tweezer, nail file.

Whew! Out of all that madness, what do I normally use every day?
Just these ones...
Daily Make Up Routine
Make Up Forever olive gray eyeliner pencil, Bobby Brown charcoal gel eyeliner, Sasa matte two way cake, Cyber color blush (as eyeshadow and blush), and courreges shimmery pink shadow as face and brow bone highlight. Heheheh.

What do I carry with me when I go out?
Make Up Pouch
My make up pouch, a batik pouch from Batik Keris, Indonesia. Super lightweight, washable, looks decent, fits quite a lot, and it's a piece of home ^_^

What's in it?
Make Up - Daily Travel
Nivea lip balm with a bit of color (red), bobby pin and a couple of elastics in my favorite color (these were from when my hair was long enough to tie up in pony/pig tails), Sasa matte two way cake, maybelline concealer (for emergency occasional pimple cover ups), bourjois pencil eyeliner in dark gray, maybelline blush (broken, I need a new one, clearly), and a comb (free from some hotel, again, broken, it lost a tooth!)

Whew! What a girl needs to do to look decent :S
See how I love buying but ended up always using the same few things again and again?

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sydneylyn said...

wow! that's a lot of make up :o thanks for sharing it to us! :)