Thursday, February 17, 2011

Plaid Jacket from Lady Story Sale

17 Feb 2011
Saw this jacket Tuesday night on my way to dinner, and I absolutely love it! I love how it is roomy enough to accomodate my chunky arms...ah who am I kidding? My chunky everything! I love the black and white (it is something that I don't have in my wardrobe) and it was on sale! HK$99! Oh yeah!

As always, I just slap this jacket on other colors and patterns.
17 Feb 2011
At least there's a common color on a few items to make it look a bit "color coordinated", the bag, the cardi and the stripes of the socks. Heheheh. My fringe annoyed me too much, I just had to pin it. It doesn't make me look better, but at least the fringe doesn't poke me in the eye now.

Sometimes you might wonder...don't I look weird dressed like this at work, or in the streets of Hong Kong?
Yes, I do. Not good weird, not chic weird, it's more old lady weird. But I don't really mind ^_^

Dress = thrifted
Jacket = Lady story, Yau Ma Tei MTR

Cardi = no brand, from Maple
Bag = H&M
Socks = Bossini
Shoes = Mark & Spencer's

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LyddieGal said...

The new jacket is adorable, and i'm loving it mixed with the print on your dress. so sweet!