Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Marcus' First Pearly Whites

Since he was almost 4 months old, baby Marcus has been increasingly fussy.
He cries.
Baby Crying

...and he cries...
Baby Crying

...and he cries...
Baby Crying

...and not even mama's rocking, hugs and kisses would soothe him (I think he only gets more annoyed hahah)
Baby Crying

It's all because of these pearly whites sprouting out of his sore gum.
Baby Marcus' First Teeth
Poor baby.
He also rubs his face a lot, shakes his head, and tugs at his ears because of the pain.
To soothe him, we've tried quite a bit of things from teething toys to teething gel.
The teething gel works.
Baby Marcus Crying

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