Monday, February 21, 2011

#365FASHIONSHUFFLE & Life Continues

What I wore on Saturday, I went to Zumba (like a dance workout class), exercising for the first time since I had Marcus. It felt so damn good! No make up/blush can replicate the natural flushed look we get from a good workout. Too  bad this crappy shot didn't show it ^_^'

Reebok tee, threadless hoodie, giordano puffy vest, nike cross training sneakers, unbranded socks and pants

On Sunday, I didn't step outside even one bit, our helper had a day off, I took care of Marcus, did some cooking and SC was not feeling well. I didn't step out of my pajamas, didn't put any single brush of make up...the look pretty much matched how I felt. Surprise, surprise, I don't look fabulous unmade-up. Heheheh

In the evening, we ended up scaring the shit out of ourselves by watching Paranormal Activity 2. Note to self, watching horror movies could result in very vivid horrible imagination, not good for taking care of a baby at night. Worse, there's a baby in the movie too. Good thing I specifically asked my helper not to watch as she has to take care of Marcus alone most of the time. Oppps.

Unbranded everything

SC has been feeling unwell and despite some medications the doctor gave him, he didn't feel better. He went for further check ups today, and no, it wasn't swine flu. Ideally, we should be happy, but we are not. We don't want something worse than swine flu (knocking on every piece of wood I can see), given SC's history of thyroid cancer, anything as small as a persistent slight fever, headache and hot flashes horrified us to our bones, I surely hope it's nothing that we cannot handle, I pray to God. We cried ourselves to sleep with baby Marcus in our arms last night T_T
The outfit pretty much reflected my gloomy mood. Mostly blacks. 
Muji turtleneck tee, Chapter7 cropped double breasted jacket, unbranded high waisted pants from Maple, bossini socks, wanko shoes & H&M bag

It's a bit unusual for me to share less than happy bits of our lives here, but I figured that my blog has to reflect our lives, right? I am trying to learn the power of sharing.


Rachelle said...

Hope everything turns out alright :) *hugs*

Anonymous said...

It's going to be alright yeah....! Take care!

Sue said...

hope everything will be fine...take care

Unknown said...

yeah, it's gonna be fine.. :))