Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Addicted to Bow Ties

16 Feb 2011
I'm wearing SC's only bow tie to work today.
I want to need to buy more! I am addicted to bow ties!

I paired the androgynous top with something ultra girly, so ultra me :)
16 Feb 2011
...and I put together this outfit very quickly, very randomly, and I think I did better than when I planned outfits carefully. I shouldn't have bothered.

SC's shirt & bow tie/  H&M sweater, skirt & bag/ Muji socks/ Unbranded belt/ Wanko shoes

Here are some outfits from previous days. You didn't miss much.
I wore this to work yesterday:
15 Feb 2011
thrifted shirt/sc's sweater/cotton on skirt/mk klein down jacket/H&M bag/unbranded tights/M&S shoes/various necklaces 

This is what I wore on Valentine's day. Nothing remotely Valentine-ish, apart from the red MTR station wall, it was even a sloppy Monday for me.
14 Feb 2011
MK Klein down jacket/ unbranded pants from maple/ shoes from Citistore/ H&M bag

This was the outfit I wore going nowhere, it was a disgustingly cold and rainy Sunday, and baby Marcus was having a stuffy nose.. boo!
13 Feb 2011
Muji turtleneck tee/ Unbranded sweater, scarf and boots/ Uniqlo tights/ Marc by Marc Jacobs baby bag

We're missing the outfit I wore on Saturday 12th Feb, the pics are in another laptop. Oppps.
Happy mid week, how's your week so far?

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Pei Lin said...

I like the bow tie! Where do you get 'em?