Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Smart Casual Day - Military Jacket, My Harem Pants & Suspender

Military Jacket + Puffy Pants + Suspenders
Tomorrow is the start of Chinese New Year holiday, which means that today we'll get off work earlier (at 4 pm) and we get to wear something more casual. So, it was one of those days where SC would bug me in the morning, follow me around asking "What should I wear? What should I wear? Will you choose an outfit for vear vear?" (that's his nickname), while I was busy putting on my make up, or pulling my hair out picking my own outfit.


This was what I picked out for him today.Military Jacket + Puffy Pants + Suspenders
A preppy shirt, my pants, suspender, and a military jacket. He picked the hat and the boots himself.
You like?

As for this picture...
Military Jacket + Puffy Pants + Suspenders
...I just fell in love with the patina of the background.

Shirt = Stage of Playlord
Jacket = IT outlet
Pants = mine, from maple
Shoes = Salem
Suspender = H&M
Hat = Uniqlo

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Jing said...

It's just so romantic having your hubby wear your're not just a lovable wife but also a real good stylist.hehe.kung hei fat choi!
btw,i got award for you in my blog.have a nice and lovely day.:D