Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Valentine's Day" Outfit? A Dangerous Dress

Early Bird Valentine Outfit - 12 Feb 2011
The outfit I wore to lunch on Saturday, Feb 12th.
Could we call the lunch the super early bird Valentine's day lunch?

There was no Valentine's day lunch set, we weren't lovey dovey (we were either playing with our own phones, or bitching about the food and everything, as any normal Hong Kong couple would), but I did wear something kinda pink that day.
Early Bird Valentine Outfit - 12 Feb 2011
My sis bought this dress from H&M, it was on crazy sale, cost me only HK$50(!!!) and it looked fabulous on hanger. We bought this without even thinking twice. When we got home, she tried it on and decided that it would suit me better. Thus, she left the dress to me.

I finally wore it and realized that it's a bit too loose around the chest and it's a bit too long for me. Plus, the weather, which was super cold by Hong Kong standard, didn't allow me to wear this dress on its own. I put on a romantic lacey thrifted shirt underneath and wore my Uniqlo hoodie on top of it.

That day I also realized that I didn't have a light colored coat. I made a mental note to buy one when SC's not watching ^_^
Early Bird Valentine Outfit - 12 Feb 2011
The dress got caught a lot in the chair of the restaurant, ruining some of the strands. Damn! I had to cover the seat of the chair with my napkin to prevent my dress from further unravelling. I don't think I'd wear this dress when I'd be require to sit down. Heheheh. The strands were also caught by the zipper of my purse, the zipper of my jacket, the zipper of SC's jacket. It's a miracle I still went home with most part of the dress still in place. this why the dress was sold at HK$50?

I took out my Celine purse that day.
Celine Bag
There's no space for my DSLR in this purse, so SC helped carrying my huge ass camera on his neck. We were stopped repeatedly by Indian guys offering tailor made suits, pirated watches and Japanese. Arigato, but no thanks.

My current hair cut doesn't show earrings, which is why you don't see them in these pictures, but putting them on made me happy. I wore those pink ones from Forever 21.
Did you wear anything Valentine-ish?

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charlotte said...

Hi! I love reading your food blog and recently came across your fashion one :)I love all your earrings in the last photo! Did you get any in Hong Kong?