Monday, February 7, 2011

Chinese New Year Fair 2011 - Victoria Park, Hong Kong

What else did we do during Chinese New Year holiday?
Every year, we brave the mad crowd and go to the Chinese New Year Fair in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay.
CNY 2011
This year was no exception.
Men, women, kids, babies...ready to spend some good money on super silly stuff, into the fair we went.

There were some seriously cute babies in fair, here's one of them.
CNY 2011
Hi, little bunny!

CNY 2011
She said "feel free to touch, it's ok if you don't buy".
"Go ahead, feel 'em"
We didn't want to. Heheh.

CNY 2011
If only those were real, if only those are mine...(not the $10 coins, but I wouldn't mind them either. One million isn't one million if it's ten dollars short, right?

Lotsa Angry Birds inspired merchandise...
CNY 2011
...I sucked at the game, I wouldn't buy the bird.
I am a sore loser :D

CNY 2011
Ahem. Stay safe.

iPhone apps cushions...
CNY 2011
...they're sold at HK$100 each! WTH!
A facebook cushion would be cute though...

CNY 2011

Finally, something that's quite Chinese New Year-ish.
CNY 2011
I love them colors!

Cheap iPhone...HK$38 only!
CNY 2011
...and it's bigger!

Enough silliness, here's some we walked through the Chinese New Year flower market section...
CNY 2011
...oh pretty-ness!

Gorgeous blossoms!
CNY 2011

Cute little tangerines...
CNY 2011

...I bet the vendors were pretty pissed off by these shameless photo-takers who didn't buy anything (ahem, I was one of them, the shameless photo-takers, I just went to the next level by taking photo of the photo-takers :D)
CNY 2011

Happy kids playing with their loot...I wanna be a kid again!
CNY 2011

We also went to Tsim Sha Tsui's harbour side to snap some tacky but festive Chinese New Year decor...
CNY 2011
...and to treat you to some fashion sightings.
Do you like the pose of the lady in pink behind us? Fierce, no?

...and final fashion sighting for you...
CNY 2011
China chic? You like?
How about the winged adidas, the chanel bag and the curly guy.
You dig?

Heheheh. Again, Kung Hey Fat Choy!
Stay Fab!


Duni said...

Oh goodness! CNY looks really commercial and tacky ;-) I do love the flower market though.
Your little family looks great :)

LyddieGal said...

Oh wow, this is so great! I love seeing so much of china like this, and i would totally take iphone app cushions, too cute!

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