Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

Damn! I forgot to bring my camera to get some good street snapshots of Hong Kong Valentine's Day madness (if there's any). Since "the economy is good", I expect more extravagant bouquets, outfits and other commercialized display of "affection".
To refresh our memory, here are my Valentine's day street snapshots & bouquet madness shots from 2009.

Last Friday I was wondering what did I do Valentine's day 2010...I couldn't recall anything. I browsed my blogs for any blog entry...and nothing! After a while, I remembered that I was still suffering from crazy morning sickness as I was carrying baby Marcus, and last year's Valentine's day was also the first day of Chinese New Year. No wonder we didn't plan anything. Heheheh.

This year, we've dealt with Valentine's day early. We had lunch at Whisk (so it was a regular set lunch, HK$210 per person instead of HK$$$$$ restaurants are going to charge tonight), gawked at Jessica C (the model) at lunch, and it's done. No flowers, no chocolates, no gift. Today, we're just going to go home, I'm not even going to cook or plan any special meal, it's gonna be business as usual.

Go on, tell me your Valentine's day plan, make me go green with envy T_T

Happy Valentine's Day :)


Pei Lin said...

No special arrangements for V day since we don't fall for that tactic!

celine said...

we went out for V-day dinner (sort of cos we made an effort to dress up) last friday at the near our home small little japanese cafe. the boss was shocked not to see us in our std shorts and tee.

today - trying to get back to my normal routine and blogging, after being nurse Celine for 2 weeks tending to sick girls and hubby.

happy V-day, Rita! :) xoxo

Sophie ala Mode said...

Tonight is also business as usual for me and hubby. Btw...I tried your Rose cupcake recipe and I added cream cheese frosting. Thanks for sharing the recipe!