Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year from Our Little Family

CNY Baby
San nin fai lok, Happy new year!

CNY Baby & Mama
Most importantly, san tai gin hong, good health!

CNY Baby & Papa
Sam seung shi shing, may all your wishes come true!

CNY Baby & Papa
Hoi hoi sum sum, happy happy!

CNY Baby
Kung Hey Fat Choy!
Have a prosperous rabbit year!

We pledge to stay shameless.
CNY Family

We pledge to stay silly.
CNY Family

Ahem. Mama, papa....I know bunnies are cute and all...
CNY Baby

...but are you freaking kidding me?!!!

Oppps. Sorry about that, baby.

Happy Chinese New Year, y'all~!

1 comment:

Jing said...

awww so cute!very stylish family.happy chinese new year.;)