Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marcus' First Real Play Date

Last Sunday, baby Marcus went for his first real play date.
Marcus has met Alice before, but he was too small to know anything. This time, he got a little wiser, just a little though ;)

Here are some eye candy shots from the play date.
Please refrain from consuming sugary snacks while browsing, the sweetness here might jack up your blood sugar level :D

Marcus' Play Date with Alice

Marcus' Play Date with Alice

Did Marcus know a good future girlfriend material when he saw one?
Marcus' Play Date with Alice
Pretty, smart, and kind.
Don't let her slip away from your fingers, son.

Marcus, be good to your potential future papa in law.
Marcus' Play Date with Alice
Remember, biting his fingers, scratching his face, pulling his hair and smacking him on the face are NOT expressions of respect.

Marcus' Play Date with Alice
Mama, Alice told me that hair bands aren't for boys.
But I remember papa used to wear that a lot?

Gelatina Mok Yi Kei - Macau

..errr...ehm ehm...
Ghetto Burger
No comment, son.

Poor Marcus has really limited number of toys at home...
Marcus' Play Date with Alice
...and he attacked Alice's toys like a hungry monster!

...and now, get ready for...
Marcus' Play Date with Alice
...the sweetest.

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kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

Ahhhh so cute!!! I'm so glad I follow your blog because it makes me so happy!