Friday, February 11, 2011

Red Roses DIY Nail Art Stickers - Nail Decor Idea for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day.
Ahhh...sweet pinks, roses, red-hot romance...look at this pack of 3D nail art stickers I've found in Sasa!

Nail Decor
A couple of gorgeous red roses and sparkly jewels!

I want them on my nails for Valentine's.
Nail Decor
Too bad SC hates them T_T and he doesn't understand why girls embellish their nails (with some super cute, elaborate and amazing gel nail art) when guys don't like them.
Maybe SC should realise that he doesn't represent the whole Hong Kong male population.

Does your guy hate decorated nails?

Where to buy the stickers? Sasa, HK$18 - HK$20something per pack.


Sophie ala Mode said...

Very pretty. I love the red rose sticker.

Pei Lin said...

I hardly spend time/money on my fingernails cuz with all that washing I do, they chip in no time! These are pretty economical though!