Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Geek Chic - Hong Kong Social Media Week

Pictures of Jason Bon Vivant, Hong Kong Fashion Geek, me (with my unexcusable, unpardonable bad hair), & SC (and his equally bad hair, we should never go to this stylist in Kwai Fong ever again!) at Geek Chic - Social Media Week Hong Kong. It was one heck of an event! Congrats, HKFG~!

I like how JBV & HKFG seemed to be having a witty banter, and my pursed lips.

This was before things got ugly(er). 

We were told to do a "tiger" pose. JBV & SC clearly were doing it wrong.

Love JBV's gasp! expression. Very genuine!
Cheers to the geeks for such a successful event!

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