Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Marcus in Batik

Nothing cheers me up more than seeing pictures of baby Marcus.
Oh gawd, I am such a mom!
Baby Marcus in Batik
...but look that those twinkles in his eyes!

His cheeky expressions...
Baby Marcus in Batik

Pink little rosebuds lips...
Baby Marcus in Batik

Dagger sharp stares...
Baby Marcus in Batik

Silky smooth chubby cheeks...
Baby Marcus in Batik
What could mama do?

Papa's checked into hospitals to have further tests done today.
Baby Marcus in Batik
All the best, papa! Hope everything's OK!

Unbranded batik top from Chubby Chic auntie, polka dot cotton onesie from Uniqlo, faux denim overall and shoes from Mothercare


Nuttymeg said...

Hope Papa Bear is okay ;)

Duni said...

Marcus is SO adorable and
I do hope Daddy is okay!

Anonymous said...

aduh rit... semoga papa ok ya..
thoughts and prays are with you :)

ps: marcus SOOOOOOOO cute!

mycookinghut said...

So cute in the Batik! :)

moJanG said...

no wonder.. marcus is soooo cute.. i never feel bored to see his pictures.. I'm a huge fan of Marcus ^^

LyddieGal said...

Marcus is just too adorable.
i hope SC feels better soon!